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        Main product

        Main product

        Concentration, Quality

        • Acid resistant brick

          It has the advantages of high acid resistance, good temperature and acid resistance, low water absor...

        • Acid resistant plate

          It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paper, fertilizer, pesticide, chemic...

        • Acid-Resistant pipes

          It is used for making acid, metallurgy, mining, coal, alkali making, metal smelting, titanium dioxid...

        • Ceramic ball arch

          Ceramic ball arch is a new type of supporting structure for the drying tower of sulfuric acid and ab...


        About Us/

        About Us

        Jiangxi Natural Enviroment-protection Technology Co., Ltd.

            Jiangxi Natural Enviroment-protection Technology Co., Ltd. located in the China Industrial Ceramic Base, PingXiang City, Jiangxi Province. Within the scope of producing the industrial ceramics, chemical packings, environmental-friendly and filter materials, catalyst, molecular sieve, metal packings and chemical industrial equipments, which are used widely in the industry of chemical, smelting, petroleum, coal, power, papermaking, pharmacy and environment protection. Own the qualification of the Nat...





        Address:No 118, Suzhou Street, Economic Developing Area,Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province.
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